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Portable BBQ Grills

Portable grills are for people on the go. Portable bbq grills, also known as table top or hibachi style grills, combine the best of both grilling worlds. With a portable bbq grill, you are able to cook your picnic style meals, such as hamburgers and hotdogs, without having to use public grills, which are often very dirty and rusty or lug your full-sized family grill with you.

Portable bbq grills are just that. Portable. You have the ability to easily take your grill to the park, camping, the beach, or tailgating. Almost every variety of grill (except natural gas) has a portable version. You can choose from a hibachi or kettle charcoal grill, a table top propane grill that uses a 16.4 oz tank, or a table top indoor/outdoor electric grill. Portable bbq grills are easy to assemble and store neatly out of the way when not in use.

Portable bbq grills can do most anything their full-sized counterparts can. Portable charcoal grills are able to slow cook, smoke, and roast meat by manipulating the placement of the coals. With the use of convenient one-pound propane tanks, a portable gas bbq can run for hours on low heat.

The largest drawback for using a portable bbq grill is the useable grilling area. Most portable bbq grills have a smaller cooking area, so feeding a crowd can be difficult. Also, the propane variety normally only has one burner element and three temperatures: high, medium, and low. Because the cooking surface to heating source is often close together in the portable bbq grill variety, care must be taken not to burn or crisp food.

When not in use, portable grills should be stored in a garage, shed, or basement to protect them from premature rusting or decay.

Nearly every manufacturer makes a matching portable bbq grill. Some of the more popular portable grills include those made by Weber, Char-Broil, and Anytime/Anywhere. Portable bbq grills can range from $20 USD to $300 USD depending on the manufacturer, heating source, size, and style. Optional accessories include carrying cases, portable tables, and smaller sized grilling utensils.

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Portable BBQ Grills are very convenient to take grilling on the go. Whether you want to grill outside your truck at the big game, or carry along a lightweight grill on a camping trip, a portable barbecue grill is the way to go. Portable BBQ grills are an inexpensive way to prepare awesome food on the road.