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Propane BBQ Grills

Fast, affordable, and convenient - the Propane BBQ Grill. Propane bbq grills are by far the most popular grill with busy families. Propane bbq grills have electronic starters and with the swift turn of a knob and a click of the button you can have a properly heated cooking surface within five to ten minutes.

Although not a favorite cooking method among the naturalist grill masters, propane bbq grills can’t be beat for their minimalistic cooking style. A typical propane tank will provide over twenty hours of cooking time at high heats. And, there is very little maintenance and upkeep between grilling sessions. However, if you do cook high fatty meats you may need to clean the drip pan occasionally. Many of today’s propane grills have more than one burner allowing you to grill using indirect heat methods or cook multiple items at differing levels of direct heat.

The biggest drawback to propane bbq grills is the use of the odorless gas. Although your food will get a “char” from grilling outdoors, you will not experience that heady smoky flavor common to charcoal grills. Also, you have a specific amount of temperatures in which you can cook. You can’t cook lower than the lowest setting, or create an environment hotter than the hottest setting. Also, the multiple burners are static and do not move. Therefore, you are not able to create a direct heat source under a rather small or rather large food item.

Propane bbq grills come in all sizes and shapes to fit any family size and budget. Most propane grills on the market today have at least two grilling burners and a side car burner for cooking with pots and pans. Depending on your individual budget, you can purchase a grill complete with shelving, drawers, and a sink you hook to your outside faucet.

Common manufacturers include Brinkman, Charbroil, and Weber. Propane grills usually start at $100 USD and can run as high as $3,000 USD. Many propane grills are made using stainless steel or other forms of light metal. When selecting a propane bbq grill, consider the total cooking area, the total BTUs, and if there are additional accessories, such as a warming tray/rack, rotisserie, or smoke box. To protect your investment, you may want to consider purchasing a cover for your grill.

Shop and compare propane bbq grills

Propane BBQ Grills have a lot going for them, including convenience, price, and taste. Propane tanks can be purchased or refilled at nearly every Lowes, Home Depot, or local home improvement store. Propane grills can start up with the flip of a switch or simply by dropping a match over a burner.

Refilling a standard 20 pound propane tank usually costs around $16 to $22, depending on your location and the specific store. A recent trend in major store brand propane tanks is to only fill them with 14 to 16 pounds, even though they have a greater capacity. This allows stores to keep the propane tank prices constant even though the raw cost of propane fluctuates up and down.

Propane grills have more parts that may require maintenance than simple charcoal grills. Propane BBQ grills, also known as LPG BBQ grills, have burners that propane passes through and is burned to create heat. This type of heating has a cleaner taste to it than charcoal since the propane doesn't usually pass on a noticeable flavor.

Propane BBQ grills have at least one burner, and some have many more. For example, the Weber Summit series has up to 7 burners putting out 10,000 BTU each, with an extra infrared burner in the back of the grill. It's easy to regulate temperature with propane grills since you can just twist the handle buttom to release the appropriate amount of propane for heating.