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Advantages of Ceramic Kamado Style Grills

1.  It is a pressure-tight grill.
The ceramic wall is thick enough so that the heat will not escape easily and the cooking temperature can goes up quickly within 5-10 mins.
When the temperature goes up to a certain degree, it will have the function of heat preserving,homeothermy and temperature reflection even;
During the BBQ cooking period, it can restain the moisture in the foods, so the cooked foods from the Kamado will be the jucist!
2. Can be used for the thick meats cooking.
It is especially good at cooking the thick meats like pork shoulder, Chicken and turkey.
Compared to the traditional charcoal grills and gas grills, it has the abvious advantages of fast cooking and fuel saving.
It is the best cooker of grilling the pork shoulder(German’s favorate)!

3. Stuffy BBQ cooking.
Because of the ceramic material and the high tightness, the foods in the ceramics kamado grills is not easy to scorch.
According to the experts testing, Nutrition loss of the foods from stuffy BBQ cooking is much less than the traditinal BBQ cooking.
The most important, the foods during ceramic kamado cooking will not be carbonization and Carcinogenesis.
So the Ceramic kamado BBQ cooking is the most healthy and the Most worth highly praising BBQ cooker.
4. Durable.
The ceramic kamado is durable, one kamado can be used at least 5 years old, you do not need to exchange it frequently.
Besides, it is easy to clean and there are all kinds of kamado accessories for you to choose;
5. Kamado cooking comes from 3000 years ago even, it is the most traditional, the safest, and the most natural BBQ cooking. These two years, it is quickly popular during people, we believe it will be the BBQ cooker chosen by most people in future!