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Origins of the AUPLEX kamado

For over 3000 years in every part of the world our ancestors used clay pots to smoke, grill,cook and prepare their food.

Over time,generations refined the simple clay cook pot by experimenting with its  shape,materials,flue design and

venting,in their search for the ideal design to lock in the savory flavors of cooked meats and vegetables.


During this evolution, the Japanese adapted and refined clay cook pots for ricd cooking,calling them Mushikamado.In the

60's the Mushikamado was further refined for general  grilling and smoking and imported to the US by a commercial pilot

who coined the product name"KAMADO".


Kamado has since become synonymous with ceramic cooker,grills, ovens and fireplaces,all based on the ancient clay pot

cooker design.


Kamado builds on this heritage with state-of-the-art materials,new ergonomic&safety features,and a fresh design

aesthetic resetting the standard for perfection and quality in ceramic cookers.