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Design,ergonomic and safety features


Bamboo preparation surfaces

Auplex kamado's come standard with bamboo side cooking preparation surfaces. We chose  

bamboo for its natural beauty,inherent antimicrobial feature, and that it is one of our most

"green" renewable resourses.The shelves are designed to quickly fold down when not in use

and are removable for in-home cleaning with a simple quick release machanism. To ensure

ultimate strengh and durability the surfaces are reinforced with bar stock 304 stainless steel.

19.5''304 stainless steel cooking grid

We offer a larger cooking grid to accommodate your entire meal when cooking. Instead of

traditional porcelain coated cooking grids that do not stand the test of time,our 304 stainless

steel grids allow for quick and easy cleaning,and will not deteriorate over years of use.

Heavy duty 304 stainless steel hardware

We know that quality is defined by the smallest details.We designed a heavy duty lid hinge and

used 304 stainless steel to ensure that it works flawlessly throughout the life of the grill and to

bring a classy aesthetic to design element that traditional ceramic grills view as machanical


 Ergonomically designed damper&vent controls

 Our draft door and lid vent are designed for precise temperature control.We use 304 stainless

steel because there is no other material that withstands the test of time while also providing

the high quality polished detailing that compliments the glazed ceramic finish.
Safety lid shock

The exclusive lid shock(patent pending)solves the age old problem lid breakage when

traditional lids are dropped.Fabricated of 304 Stainless steel the lid shock guarantees a soft lid


Ergonomic lid handle

The ergonmic lid handle is larger and curved to fit the natural grip of the hand and provide

knukle clearance for all users.We use bamboo to compliment the preparation surfaces and to

use environmentally frirendly renewable resources. The ergonomic bamboo handle grip is

fixed to the lid using a 304 stainless steel band that is secured in an integral raceway to 
permanently secure the band to eliminate slippage that other ceramic cookers on the market

today experience too often.

Anti-Tip quick assembly cart

Using a wide footprint, the base allows the consumer to move the Kamado without tipping.
In addition,the base has four robust casters including two locking casters.The KD base was

designed for a small pack out to facilitate easy shipping,storing and handling,and utilizes our

star quick connector and four Allen screws for an intuitive assembly in less than 5 minutes.We

use 304 stainless steel instead of traditional powder coating so the polished finish is retained

over time, not subject to ultra violet light or corrosion.

Cool Touch surface

Thick ceramic construction of the outer shell and inner cooking chamber insulates and

minimizes heat to the outside making the AUPLEX KAMADO a high efficiency cooker and

effectively eliminates.burns that can be experienced by inadvertent touches on traditional

barbeque grills.

Easy start, fast cooking and precision temperature contro

The design the AUPLEX kamado creates a controlled chimney effect that allows for hassle-free

effortless starting and quickly reaches cooking temperature whitin 15-20 minutes-something
traditional charcoal grills cannot achieve.