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Second Study Tour of Alibaba E-commerce Members to Auplex

One year after first study tour of Alibaba Fuzhou E-commerce Members to Auplex on 24th Nov. 2016, we received their second tour on 7th Nov. 2017. Like usual, this tour is hosted by Alibaba and Auplex Group. Originally we invited about 50 different E-commerce companies, but actually there are more than 120 different companies that day. They came from more than 10 cities including Fuzhou, Fuqing, Changle, Minhou, Nanping etc. . The main goal of their visiting is to learn how did Auplex developed from a small company to a group of 5 subsidiaries and also to communicate the prospects of E-commerce. 





Guide by our President Assistant Mr. Zhang, all the visitors visited our office building, Cafe, workshop and observed Auplex’s unique company culture.

With 5 years development history, Auplex BBQ Grill Division had already been a pioneer and leader in the ceramic BBQ industry. The hand made ceramic BBQ grill is a crystallization of ancient China ceramic culture.

In the production workshop of heat press machine, visitors are deeply impressed by the whole process (from raw material to a finished product) of a single piece of heat press machine. Our advantage is not only on cost control but also on fast production time and QC systems.

The founder of Auplex Group, Mr. Huang delivered a speech.


Alibaba organizers warmly appreciate Mr. Huang's sharing and hospitality. They advocating all the entrepreneurs should communicate more and develop a higher management wisdom with Alibaba’s support.