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Setting up a Rotisserie for a Gas BBQ Roast

Assuming that the meat is balanced on the shaft ready to be cooked, that the rotisserie’s brackets are set up and power is running to the motor:

  • In most situations the standard cooking plates and grills must be removed so that the meat will turn on the shaft without getting caught.
  • Most barbecues will only need two burners on to get the barbecue to roasting temperature when the hood is shut.
  • Keeping this in mind, before lighting any burners, place an aluminium, cast iron or enamel drip tray on the middle burners inside the barbecue. This is to catch any run off the meat will give while turning.
  • Never light more than one burner at a time!
  • Never cook/preheat with the lid closed with more than two burners on high!
  • Now pre heat the barbecue oven by igniting the far left and far right burners only.
  • The idea is you will be indirectly cooking with the outer burners so the meat will not get burnt!
  • After lighting the outer burners shut the hood and watch the temperature gauge as the barbecue preheats.
  • A roasting temperature of 180°C to 220°C is required depending on what meat is to be cooked. No Different to an indoor oven.
  • Once pre heated, place the rotisserie with the meat loaded centre of the bar onto the brackets and into the motor, making sure the meat is raised above the drip tray below.
  • Shut the Hood and turn on the motor. Checking the meat every so often it should work out to approx. 1 hour of cooking time for every kilogram of meat!